Ana can be found inside avoiding the cold of Alaska or in some far away locale learning the most about foreign cultures and customs. Ana is well-educated stylish class. On a day-to-day basis, she is always well put together and fashionable. 

These earrings embody that in that they are cozy and classy. They are very similar to the Sullivan earrings except these ones are a little bit smaller, yet they have a width and weight to them that the Sullivan earrings do not. While the Sullivan earrings are good for day-to-day hygge, Ana earrings are a bit more formal. I would use them to dress up any outfit - especially in a business formal setting.  

Each earring is handcrafted from sterling silver. Since they are made to order, please allow up to three weeks for fabrication 

Ana is... a friend and former coworker from the Anchorage Museum. 


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