Week 4: Abstract Ring



This week I made a cute little ring. Again, I was trying to minimize the amount of metals I use in my studio, so this ring is made entirely from the scraps of old projects. Because of that, each face of the ring is completely different and you can decide how you want to wear it! 
This one of a kind ring is a size 5 - for most people it will be a pinky ring. 

Don't know your pinky ring size?

Generally, your pinky ring size is 2 sizes smaller than your ring finger. I read this online and immediately went to go test it. My ring finger is a size 5, and my pinky size is, indeed, a size 3. It checks out. 

If you don't know your ring finger size or want to doublecheck your pinky size, you can pick up a free ring sizer from here.

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