Giving With Hamaila: Families Belong Together.

Hello everyone! 

There's so many wonderful people out there helping others and making the world a better place. These days I don't have a lot of time - so I try to contribute in other methods where I can. Part of that includes making lots of little donations and part of it is spreading awareness of all these great non-profits.

This last Sunday we all saw the pictures of migrant families being attacked by tear gas at the US-Mexico border. We've all been hearing about this caravan of migrants fleeing from Central America for ages now. Despite the fact that they are fleeing from violence and danger, they have been portrayed as dangerous themselves. 

What they are doing is perfectly legal. If you live in fear for your life, you should be able to seek refuge elsewhere. What we, the United States, are doing in terms of separating families, jailing children, putting children on trial, tear gassing families and now approving the use of lethal force at the border is inhumane. Nothing justifies treating your fellow humans in such a manner. It could've been any of us who was born in the countries these migrants are fleeing from. It could've been any of us being tear gassed. 

Just because we have the privilege of living in the USA, we aren't any better than the people who don't. 

Going with that, today's non-profit is Families Belong Together- it's actually a collection of 250 non-profits working together to assist the migrants on our southern border. They are in Tijuana right now with the caravan. The money they are collecting will assist people who are legally seeking asylum. They coordinate between organizations and make sure that the most pressing needs of the migrants are met. 

I don't have a lot this week so I'm donating $5. If you'd like to donate a little bit as well - you can do it here and you can find out more about Families Belong Together here.

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