We only have one planet and I believe that big corporations are responsible for a lot of the damage done to the Earth- but we can all do little things to reduce our impact. Here's what we are doing in this little company to minimize our harm to the environment.

  • We use recycled metals as much as we can. All of our sterling silver is recycled and we are working on acquiring recycled gold-fill and gold sources as well. We save all of our scrap metal and get it refined and recycled as well. 
  • Plastic bags are, unfortunately, one of the best ways to prevent silver from tarnishing. In order to minimize our damage, we use biodegradable plastic bags to package our jewelry. If it has a green stripe on it - it will biodegrade under anaerobic landfill conditions. The bag meets ASTM D5511 standards.
  • Our tissue paper and stickers are printed with a soy based ink on acid free paper that  is FSC certified and can be recycled. We get them made by NoIssue.co. Check them out if you need printed tissue paper.  
  • Our laser printed wooden jewelry boxes are meant to be kept as keepsakes or given as gifts to minimize trash.


In the future we plan to- 

  • get water activated tape printed with soy ink that can be recycled easily
  • get packaging boxes made from recycled materials
  • get biodegradable packaging materials (packing peanuts, crinkle paper)

Do you have suggestions for what else we could do? 
Send us an email!