Humanity First

Those of you all who have been with me for a while know that I used to highlight and donate to a non-profit weekly. That became overwhelming as I dealt with all of the other things going on in my life and it fell by the wayside. Now that I have a firmer grasp on my company and have cemented the values I want to inculcate - I decided to bring back a variation of it: each month I will pick a non-profit to highlight and donate 5% of profits to.

I honestly believe that we are as strong as the community we have around us - therefore, I focus on non-profits that deal with community building and strengthening.

This first month I am donating to Humanity First.

Humanity First focuses on two things: disaster relief and human development. Their goal is regarding the preservation of human life and dignity and it's entirely run by volunteers.  They've assisted in relief efforts ranging from the Kosovo conflict to the Grenfell Tower Fire and they have been providing ongoing aid during the Syrian Civil War and the current Rohingya Crisis. As far as human development goes, they focus on long term sustainable relief in areas affected by disaster, war, or poverty.

Humanity First has been in my life for as long as I can remember. It was started in 1994 by the then head of my religious community, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, and even though the organization itself is entirely secular, it's a big part of my religious upbringing. My parents instilled in us that giving back to the community was a part of faith and, therefore, Humanity First was the first non-profit me and my siblings donated to growing up. 

Humanity First is doing a donation drive currently - so on November 1st, I will donate 5% of my sales from the month of October to Humanity First (keep an eye on my Instagram stories for that.) If you make a purchase this month, know that a portion of it will go here.

(Okay, I just now realized that Andrew Yang's campaign slogan is Humanity First - that's completely coincidental.) 

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