Chulah Threaders


One of Yasmeen Lari’s guiding principles is to elevate those who are often overlooked by society. In this case, it was literal. After seeing the harm that traditional indoor floor stoves (chulahs) caused to rural Pakistani women - smoke inhalation, respiratory diseases, eye diseases, and the dirt and filth around them contaminating their food as well as just having to operate on the floor all day, Yasmeen Lari designed an outdoor stove that elevated the women operating the stoves, protected them from these preventable illnesses, restored dignity to their role and helped them become entrepreneurs. Lari’s organization, The Heritage Foundation of Pakistan, trained rural women in how to make their own zero-carbon, smokeless, fuel-efficient stoves. In this way, these women are able to earn a living and become entrepreneurs. 

These earrings portray the chulahs that The Heritage Foundation of Pakistan is spreading throughout the Pakistani countryside. They measure 1.5” x .75” and are made by hand to order. Please anticipate a 2-4 week processing time. 

5% of proceeds will be donated to Refugees International.  

About Yasmeen Lari - 

Yasmeen Lari is Pakistan’s first female architect. She believes that good design does not merely belong to the elite class but that good design should be accessible to all. Over her 40+ years in architecture, she has pioneered a philosophy of “barefoot social architecture”: helping communities in socially and environmentally sustainable ways. Lari uses her knowledge of architecture and combines it with the resources available to rural communities to create disaster-resistant shelters and communities. 



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