Ammi Dangle Earrings



My Ammi is a daughter of the sixties who embodies  a timeless elegance and carries herself with poise. She is always on top of trends and she has a natural beauty which radiates from the inside. Not to mention, she's a complete badass who doesn't let anything get between her and her goal. I mean, she went back to school and got her Masters after immigrating to the US and having four children - that's badass. 

What a task to convey all of that in a pair of earrings - but these earrings do the trick. They are highly versatile and can be dressed up or down. We can see these being perfect with a cute mod 60's dress. Or a blazer and jeans. Or whatever you are wearing now.

They measure roughly 3-3.5 inches long. 

Each earring is handcrafted from sterling silver. Since they are made to order, please allow up to three weeks for fabrication 

Ammi is...the Urdu word for mother. 


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