My jewelry is not accessible to everyone. I know that. The cost of precious metals and the labor that goes into ensures a higher price point right out of the gate. With the rising costs of metals, It's very likely that I will even have to increase my prices soon. However, I would like for my jewelry to be more accessible and I'm trying to do what I can for that.  

The first thing I've done is that I've added Klarna as a payment option. Klarna gives the option to buy something over 4 installments instead of one big lump sum payment. By spreading out payments, it's not as hard on your wallet.

The second thing I'm adding in is monthly giveaways. These might be giveaways for gift-cards or specific pieces. But the goal of these giveaways is to get my jewelry to people who might not have access to my jewelry otherwise. Sign up to my email list and follow my instagram to be the first to know about these monthly giveaways. 

As Hamaila (the business) grows and I have more resources, I hope to do more to make sure that the people who want my jewelry in their life can have access to it. 

If you have any ideas for additional things I can do to make my jewelry more accessible, I'm all ears. Send me an email at anytime. 

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