Introducing our One-of-a-Kind series!

Over the last few months as I’ve figured out how to run a business full-time, I’ve let my focus on creativity and design fall to the wayside. You’ve probably noticed, too, that I haven’t posted anything new for a while. This is becoming a bit of a small problem for me and I really want to make something new for you while you wait for the Unsung Architects series. (It’s coming soon, I promise, and I’m really excited for it).

In the meantime, I’m going to start a one-of-a-kind weekly series. Every week, I’ll set aside an hour or two of time at the bench and see what comes out of it. I can guarantee there will be a lot of earrings, but there will probably also be rings, necklaces, ear cuffs, maybe even nose rings.  These pieces will be made from the silver and gold laying around in my scrap piles and waiting to become something beautiful and new.

These pieces are an opportunity to flex my design muscle and to bring something new to you, so there will probably only ever be one of every piece. Every piece will be wholly unique and only available once. 

As a little thank you, our VIPs on our mailing list will be the first to have access to these pieces. Every Thursday morning at 10am PST starting tomorrow (3/25/21) an email will go out with the brand new piece.  M
ake sure you are signed up here to be amongst those who get first access. The piece will be available to the general public the following day. 

I'm excited to see what pieces we create. 


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