Life At Arcosanti

I've been here almost three weeks and I'm still figuring things out. 

Transitioning into Arcosanti has been very gentle and loving. The weather has been nice, bordering on hot. The community is lovely and accommodating and I know they have my back. The spaces themselves are older, but charming. The original architecture which entranced me back in February still has that same effect on me now. My calico, Sepha, has taken a liking to being outdoors and we've been gently exploring that after 8 years of her being an indoor-only cat. I spend my mornings slowly and my evenings on top of rooftops watching the sun sink below the horizon. It really is a very idyllic place for a person like me.

Of course, no place is perfect. The most difficult aspect of this move for me has been learning how to navigate this fairly white space as a brown person. Over the last few years, I had spent a lot of energy curating and cultivating spaces where I felt free to be authentically myself. Now I'm looking to create an approximation of those spaces here at Arcosanti. I know it'll take time, but it will be worth it. I'm excited to see how it unfolds over the next few months. 

The studio here - the part of Arcosanti most relevant to my business - is coming along well. It's finally come together to the point where I can make things at my bench again. There's still some cleaning to be done, some stuff to be painted, some tools to be bought. But I'm so excited to be building it out to fit my needs. Once it's all set up, I will do a physical studio-warming for the folks here and a virtual one for everyone who can't make it there.

With the studio being open, I'm filling orders again. I haven't even started looking into what the holiday season might hold here in Arizona - but if you have any connection to groups or markets in Phoenix or Sedona, please let me know.

My Arcosanti collection is on display in the gallery here. I'm still building that display out as well. Eventually I hope to add in all the stories behind the pieces and share my inspirations so people can see them around the site. What a wonderful way to connect to a place. 

If you're ever in the area, please stop by. I would love to make you a cup of tea, if not a meal.

My door is always open. 

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Citnere December 11, 2020

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