Giving with Hamaila: Political Candidates

The 2020 democratic field is very very crowded. And I'm sure there will be more contenders throwing their hat in the ring soon enough.

Honestly, I think it's pretty cool to see so many people from so many different backgrounds believe in their ability to lead our country out of this mess and have the courage and endurance to participate in this upcoming mess of an election. 

A lot of people (me included till recently) have been saying that we're going to hang back till the field thins out. I'm jumping in headfirst and donating money to anyone who I like even a little. 

This exploratory committee/fetal phase on any campaign is so important. Individual donations matter more - every little dollar is a little bit of trust in the candidate. 

For the last few weeks I've been donating to candidates I'd like to invest in. I've donated to two so far, but I'd like to donate to a few more before the week is done. I'm also planning on learning more about the badass women running - I'll google, but if you have recs - send them over. 

I'm excited and nervous to see what this next year and a half holds.  


Picture credit to FiveThirtyEight


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