Giving With Hamaila: The Ali Forney Center

Short blog this week because we are still traveling. I hope to be home by Saturday so we'll be back on regularly scheduled planning soon enough. 

Today I picked the Ali Forney Center to donate to. They're a 20 year old non-profit based in New York that focuses on providing shelter and resources to homeless LGBTQ youth. Every year they serve about 14,000 youth. I think the most important part is that they have a 24/7 drop in center where youth can come by at any time to seek comfort and shelter. I can't imagine being kicked out of my family for who I am and having to live on the street. These people literally save lives through the shelter and protection they provide. My favourite part though, is how they celebrate the birthdays of the youths in their care 

Check them out here - 

I picked The Ali Forney Center specifically for this week because the holidays can be tough for anyone - but if you don't have a family, they must be ten times worse. The Center has an amazon wishlist where you can buy an item for the youth, so I bought a pack of women's underwear.  You can check that wishlist out here 

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