Giving With Hamaila: The Bully Ranch

Y'all. I slacked. Me, my mom and sister were supposed to head out on our road trip today but the hour became late and now we're going to do the 14 hour drive to Tucson in one go tomorrow. It's not going to be pleasant. 

But I got so caught up in that that I forgot to post about a non-profit doing cool work. 

I came across Bully Ranch when they were featured in the Bearded Bastard's Twelve Days of Bastardmas giveaway. It's a new local pitt bull rescue that rehabilitates, trains and places pitt bulls in loving families. This particular non profit caught my eye because just a few weeks ago, Code Switch had done a segment on pitt bulls and how our perception of pitt bulls is tied to race. They used to be the 'all-American' trophy but now it has a negative image - it was really  interesting to see that story unfold. (I also learned that pitt bull is a shape and not a breed.) 

You can check out the Code Switch episode here and donate to Bully Ranch here 

( I got the picture from their instagram here and the adorable doggo is named Mister Rogers <3. )

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