My naming skills have always been abysmal. If it was up to me, most of my pieces would be named Cube Earrings, Squiggly Studs, Big Freeform Earrings, Sculptural Earrings, etc.. They wouldn't convey the stories behind them and the multitudes contained within them. 

Earlier this summer, I told Dani about my naming predicament. She pointed out that I thrive when I focus on the people around me. That community is one of the most important things to me. That by naming my jewelry after people, I could bring the people I love into my art and create my own community. I loved it.  

The pieces I make to order are named after women that I love dearly. A lot of the women in my life have names that you don't ever find on key-chains or coke cans. Names that people find hard to pronounce or don't even try to pronounce. This is my homage to them. My way to share their beautiful names with the world. 

The One of a Kind pieces are named after women I admire from afar. The celebrities, the ones using their platform for good, the women who put in so much effort to educate others but are rarely acknowledged for the work they do. This is my way of telling them that I see them and I appreciate the work they are doing. If I name a piece after you, message me and I'll make something for you on me - that is my thank you to you. 

Occasionally, I will break these rule (see; Artemis), but by and large - these are the nomenclature rules I'm following. If you have recommendations for names I should use, let me know :) I always love hearing from people. 

xo hq 

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