Makli Cuff Bracelet


Yasmeen Lari believes that the elite class does not care for the poor and will never help them. So Lari, her organization - The Heritage Foundation of Pakistan, and the University of Glasgow created the Green Skills and Crafts for Livelihoods project. This project aims to teach the poor in some of the most impoverished parts of Pakistan skills that could help them support their families. Over 200 participants from 8 Makli towns came to the Zero Carbon Cultural Center to learn how to make products using organic matters which have a zero carbon footprint - such as glazed tiles, ceramic goods, bamboo furniture, Moringa powder, mud bricks, organic soap, homemade yogurt, Pakistan chulah, and compost. In time these villagers can earn income through these skills and teach others to help uplift entire communities. If you'd like to learn more about the Green Skills and Crafts for Livelihoods Project, here's an illuminating article

This Cuff Bracelet is inspired by the motifs within the Zero Carbon Cultural Center in Makli. It is about 3 inches wide. Each one is made by hand, so please anticipate a 2-4 week processing time.  

5% of proceeds will be donated to Refugees International.   

About Yasmeen Lari - 

Yasmeen Lari is Pakistan’s first female architect. She believes that good design does not merely belong to the elite class but that good design should be accessible to all. Over her 40+ years in architecture, she has pioneered a philosophy of “barefoot social architecture”: helping communities in socially and environmentally sustainable ways. Lari uses her knowledge of architecture and combines it with the resources available to rural communities to create disaster-resistant shelters and communities.


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